Rainbow Mandala

May 1st, 2009 Comments 0

rainbow stones mandalaThe idea for this was prompted by Rob, so thank you.  I took the stones from the beach by my house, then returned them with their new coats…  Each stone needed many, many coats.  You can see where I got a bit impatient at times and didn’t wait before turning them over to paint the other side.  I am pleased with how vibrant they look. I have always wondered why there isn’t pink in the rainbow, or at least a warmer purple.  Violet is a cool colour, and Indigo is a dark cool colour.  There is an interesting way in which pink light is interpreted by the eye.  It actually has a similar vibration to green, but in order to differentiate it from green, our brains make up the colour pink.  And it is one of the loveliest colours, proven to make people happy. rainbow stones with daisiesI dropped the stones onto the grass, and loved the random pattern and colour combinations.rainbow stones in contextCan you see the tiny rainbow?  I didn’t stay to see who found it.

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