December 31st, 2009 Comments 0

I think this was goodbye to one chapter, and the setting sun on the trees reminding me of summer…

warm sun shining on the tops of trees, shadows elsewhere

Lovely lights

December 30th, 2009 Comments 0

I was given a most wonderful present for Chrismas, that invloved, a bottle, fairy lights, and glass paint, and I have since been merrily painting and getting absorbed in colourful-light-land…

pink and red lights close up

close up lights in shades of blue

pink and yellow lights close up

lime, pink and blue lights close up

Sprout Spiral

December 29th, 2009 Comments 0

Well, I couldn’t leave the Christmas period without making something lovely out of those most wonderful green edibles.

a spiral made of brussel sprouts in ascending size, from biggest in the middle to tiny on the outside, with a halo of sprout top leaves aorund it.

I picked a whole stalk of them from the garden, and every tiny dot is an actual sprout ready to grow, all from the same stalk.  The outer leaves are the stalk tops, finishing with the inside of the stalk top at the bottom right hand corner, which itself looks just like a sprout.  Basically it is a fractal (the growing plant I mean).

Ah, yes, I was meant to be cooking dinner.  Sorry about the delay!  They were tasty too.

Spinach Strumble

December 28th, 2009 Comments 0

Post Christmas eatings brought me this visual feast today

green spinach in a blue metal colander

And later we said goodbye to the landscape, just as the last glimmers of sunset-light were vanishing beneath the hills, leaving a herringbone pattern in the sky.

black land, indigo sea, deep blue sky, white herringbone cloudlights

Always wonderful
Strumble Head
See you again soon

Sky and moon magic

December 27th, 2009 Comments 0

The sunset tonight, with the moon behind…

cumulus clouds at sunset, pale pink and grey

big patterns,

sunset, dark clouds in big patterns, low hedges

journeys into the sky,

pink and dark blue sunset, clumps of clouds, black hedges

I couldn’t resist putting all four of the following photos. First is the moon, taken at the exact same time as the sunset photos, just in the opposite direction.  Following that is the same photo, altered by my photo software ‘make this better’ button.

blue sky moon, trees, wispy clouds

This then is the altered image, where the moon is caught on the clouds:

pale sky, clouds catching the moon, silver light

It’s like theatre from above!

And here’s more, a few moments later:

moon, blue sky, clouds trees

silver blue lilac sky, moon clouds, trees

Ah give me the sky above…

Gorse, moss, lichen…

December 26th, 2009 Comments 0

blue pink sky black silhouetted gorse bush

green moss, white lichen covered stone

this Christmas’ entertainment:

magic floating beer bottle caps on a shot glass (with one magnetic ball)

Pomegranate Seeds

December 25th, 2009 Comments 0

Christmas day, five drops of morning magic:

5 pomegranate seeds on a wooden chopping board

and the rest of it was… just , yes!

Ice Tin, Sunset (Christmas Eve 2009)

December 24th, 2009 Comments 0

Late writing about this.  And all other things I see.  I call this a slow blog.  It’s a part of the slow movement.  it involves less technology, more people and nature.  More sleeping, cuddles, running around, cats, families, cooking and eating, buying vegetables, dreaming, making, talking, thinking, breathing, learning (slowly), helping redecorate houses (bit by bit), and planning on having ‘no-screen’ days, and ‘no-screen’ months even.

I once saw a band play called Yhat Kha (from Tuva, north of Mongolia in Siberia).  They were incredible, each member incredible.  The drummer had an amazing presence, fierce, firm, almost in a trance, and completely in the room both at the same time.  In the programme I read that he takes half the year off to row in his canoe down the rivers in the forest, all on his own.  He meets no-one in that time.  Well, it really showed.

Here was my Christmas Eve – some pieces of it.

The ice tin:

Ice in a cat food tin

This was halfway through making a present for Rob.  A prize if you can work out what I was making.

a dome of ice protruding from a tin

I numbed my hand whilst enjoying the patterns:

A bare hand holding a block of ice, which is full of beautiful patterns

It is quite hard to hold ice and photograph it at the same time, because it is quite painful after a while…

amazing stripes in s block of ice

but worth it.

I love Christmas Eve, it is a wonderful point during Christmas where everthing has slowed down and Christmas celebrations are finally proper.  Wonderful smells in the kitchen, plus a settled feeling.  And today, a feeling of gathering of people, as we bundled into the car (packed with surprises), and drove off to our family retreat in Pembrokeshire.

As we drove we were joined by the setting sun:

Sunset in South Wales, from a driving car

soft blur of shadwed tees with a blue orange red yellow sunset, from a car

bright sunset seen from a carbright sunset, dark clouds seen from a car

And that was the feeling I had on Christmas Eve.  A little wonderful.

(Soundtrack in the car was Norah Jones and Ravi Shankar – not that my life is a movie or anything…)

Journey with a Snow Heart

December 22nd, 2009 Comments 0

I took a journey today from England to Wales, and I brought with me a snow heart,

a heart made of snow, lying on the snow

the heart shone in the light,

snow heart lying on the snow, with a lovely glow

I put the heart on the bonnet of the car, nestled in front of the windscreen wipers,

a snow heart on the bonnet of a car in front of the windscreen wipers, the sun shining.

and the sun shone down.  I had no idea how long my snow heart would last, if it would career off at the first turn, or break into pieces in the wind, but I took the journey anyway.

a snow heart riding down the motorway on the bonnet of a car

it rained,

the trees were breathtaking; the heart began to chip away,

a snow heart, slightly chipped on the bonnet of a car driving down the motorway with snowy trees to the left.

the sun shone through the snow clouds,

sun shining through snowclouds

the landscape and the light changed,

pink and blue sky, from driving car, with snow heart on bonnet

The sun began to set,

snow heart on the bonnet of a car in the setting sun

with a beautiful glowing light.

snow hear ton the bonnet of a car in the sunset

The moon rose,

moonrising seen from the car window

we arrived  – I’d had the snow heart with me for four hours longer than I’d expected.

snow heart through windscreen in street light yellow

Finally home, night light time, English snow arriving in Wales.

a small snow heart on a car in the steetlight

Ashridge in the snow

December 15th, 2009 Comments 1

Going to the Ashridge estate on the first proper day of snow was almost the most beautiful day of my life.  The words Winter Wonderland could be used in a real un-trite way.  I was in complete heaven.

First we arrived to see deer running off to hide.  You can just see them through the trees:

A snowy scene, with overhanging evergreen branches, and a pair of deer hiding in the trees. Everything else is white.

these photos show the incredible patterns of the branches that the snow makes visible:

branch ballet,

graceful branches covered in snow

angular branch patterns covered in snow

a wizard tree,

A tree, with arms pointing to the right, covered in snow,

a scene where I am sure magical creatures live,

a beautiful forest scene in the snow

this is a beech forest so there were occasional patterns of red leaves against white,

red beech leaves against a snowy forest

thick patterns over the brambles,

brambles covered in thick snow making criss cross snow patterns

here I am!

A girl in a winter coat and pink-red scarff and hat stood next to a curving beech tree with snow strips down it's trunk

beech trees with vertical stripes of snow down their trunks

Where am I?

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