Journey through a jewellery box

January 29th, 2010 Comments 0

I was very kindly offered to choose a gift from this jewellery box for christmas.  It belongs to my lovely Rob’s grandmother, and his mother was offering me anything I wanted.  One of the nicest things was just exploring it – I loved the natural placement and combinations of objects and I asked if I could borrow the whole things and take some pictures.  I also want to honour the woman who collected them, Margaret.

So without further ado, a jewel box journey… (many pictures)…

grey leather jewellery box closed leather box corner, crease which is worn, brown underneathback of grey box, red strip showing from inside red edge of box, a peep insideA name label inside a jewellery box, reading hello my name is Margaret

jewellery box, first layer, clip on earrings on the left, wedding cake toppers (cherub doves), thimbles, and a tiny book on the right

The cherub and doves are from a wedding cake,

a china cherub, two doves on tiny horseshoes, a thimble, a tiny mother of pearl book, in a red lined jewellery box

fascinating fluff,

silver bobble head dressmakers pin, in some fluff down the side of a red lined jewellery box

a journey within a journey,

Tiny mother of pearl book with a metal crown, in my hand tiny book, for the queen, metal, little china cherubThe queen in a minature book wearing a princess dress and a sashThe queen's wedding in a miniature booksilver mirrow like back to t miniatuer book, china cherub, thimbleturquoise white clack and silver clip on earrings, chains, and orange mini screwdriver in a red lined boxpearl earrings and chains balancing on a red boxfirst layerof jewellery box opening to reveal red underneathcrimped edge red pin cushion with silver bobble pinsred pin cushion with pinsinside the jewellery box, black blue and purple beadsmany costume jewellery type sparkly brooches, including a swallow, and flowers

contents of a jewellery box sitting in and around the box

And that’s the end of this little/epic journey.  Thanks!

Heart sewing, all backwards

January 28th, 2010 Comments 0

red cotton stiched in a heart shape through paper, with biro scribble

I like the back view!

red stiching the reverse side, heart shape on paper, nice pattern, blue scribbles

A Leetle Project

January 23rd, 2010 Comments 1

Just something I have up mine sleeve…

red and yellow and pink buttons arranged on a wrinkly white green and red tea towel

a little something…

red buttons shiny iwth golden glass beads

to come…

Wax/Bone Dragon

January 21st, 2010 Comments 0

I was meant to be doing something else far more ‘important’, but decided I needed to carve a candle we had picked up from that most marvellous of things – Freecycle.

The candle carving was crap, but the left over wax shavings were fascinating to look at and reminded me of spinal vertebrae -

wax shaving from a candle somewhat resembling a spinal column horizontally

So I decided to make a dragon from the pieces – of course.

Here’s the head,

dragon head arranged from wax shavings

here are the front feet (which I love),

dragon claws arranged from wax shavings

back feet,

back feet and body of a dragon arranged from wax shavings

And here is the whole picture.  I don’t really love all of it, I made the wings in a hurry, and I began feeling procrastination restlessness.  But it has a certain je ne sais quoi nevertheless.

wax shavings arranged to show a picture of a dragon flying over mountain peaks, witha moon, breathing fire, and carrying two cut glass crystals on metal chains. curls of wax, soft light


January 20th, 2010 Comments 0

More sky theatre…

I like the ideas of collecting sunsets.  How many sunsets will you see in your life?

pink, peach and blue sunset

and some grass,

green grass, trees, pink peach and blue sunsetevery day needs natural wonders.

Lychee Heart

January 19th, 2010 Comments 0

I bought some lychees for my love, and I was really surprised how cheap they were, the man kept scooping more and more into the brown paper bag, and I felt really happy.  (This was at the fruit stall outside Euston Square tube stop).  Unfortunately I soon discovered why they were so cheap.  They were sharp and unripe.  Boo.

So I decided to make a lychee cake.  But not before some playing -

a heart outline made of lychees, with dark red lychees in the top v, gradin gthrough purple pink and orange ones, until yellow/green ones at the tip.

Then I made the lychee cake, and my god it was the most delicious cake I have ever made!  It was slightly stodgy and moist without being heavy, with banana but not too much so that it tasted like banana cake, just a hint, and a bit of coconut milk, and a buttery taste from the butter, and not too sweet, just right, with the divine taste and texture of lychees which are indescribable, and maybe even my favourite fruit.

I don’t have a picture of the cake so you’ll just have to imagine, and measure your drool in – what is the universal measure of drool?

Heaven (alive, earthly heaven)

January 8th, 2010 Comments 0

My cat was in heaven in front of my gas fire, so I decided to play…

cat doing an incredible superhero stretch, on a grey carpet, by a lambskin rug, with paper letters spelling out heaven lying above his head

playing made him stretch like a superhero,

I’m sure this photo is pre-yawn,

black and white cat, the word 'heaven', lambskin rug

then stretch again,

black and white cat reaching for the word heavenah, cat ownership…

frozen pond pieces

January 7th, 2010 Comments 0

Pieces of frozen pond, which my brother discovered.  There are pond bits, sticks and bubbles frozen inside it -

piece of ice from a pond with pond weed, twigs and small bubbles frozen inside. Snow underneath

here is the point (what we’re all looking for…)

a triangle of ice with a sharp point, frozen pondweed and bubbles inside

Twelfth Night

January 6th, 2010 Comments 0

I woke up on the morning of the Twelfth Night, and was greeted by this sight at the front door -

christmas tree in a wheelbarrow, snowy day, one last bauble hanging off it (shiny orange/bronze), sunny

Just the most perfect mise en scène for the day.  It astonished me.

I also liked this snow-cake-plant-top:

fat snow on a plant pot and on a small tin dustbion, snow in sunlight and in shade

also perfect somehow,

christmas tree in wheelbarrow, snow, one orange bauble left on the tree shining in the sunlight


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