Thinking Hat!!!

April 17th, 2010 Comments 0


Yes! It has arrived! The long awaited Hat of Thinking-ness! 

Thinking Hat surprise, wonderful blue hat creating good feelings on the wearer who is jumping out from behind a door

It has an antennae, in fact it has eight, to help me tune into the most useful thoughts,  Thinking Hat antenna, made of special curly wires of differnt colours, pointy crystals and pretend diamonds

it has pictures on the front and the back, to remind me of what is important,Thinking Hat front, on a pouty person, hat showing sun, sea, flowers, flying fish and other paraphanelia Thinking Hat back, showing dolphins, big purple bow, start, sea, black glittery flower and more

it has several magical flying fish,Thinking Hat flying fish, gren and silver flying fish leaping out of the waves

dolphins, stars, bows, sparkle swirls, the sea, the sun, a heart, and giant flowers –
– friends to encourage  joyful-beingness and tomfoolery (most vital for correct thinking),
 Thinking Hat dolphins sparkle, melange of incredible dolphins, starts swirls, heart and explosions, all on an incredible hat
and a bell,
Thinking Hat bell, little bell, pink iwre, ribbons, blue thinking hat.

so i can hear myself think.

In fact this hat has everything I need.
  Thinking Hat eye, an interesting expression

I am taking commissions.  Each hat will be unique.  Form an orderly queue…  

Garden things to eat

April 16th, 2010 Comments 0

but first I will admire them,

 garden two drops of water on a brassica leaf

and feel like maybe everything is right with the bean flowers, white, blue pink and black, differnt sizes, green leaves, garden string

I remember, vegetable flowers are flowers bean plant from above, half in the sun half in the shade, shapes

This pattern will make something good to eat.  Time to breathe…

A study in… sculpture

April 16th, 2010 Comments 0

These flowers were in the same garden as the crocuses.  I don’t know what they are called yet, but they were lovely.  unusual dead flower head pyramid shapedunusual dead flower head swayed to the right unusual dead flower head close up, umbrella shapedunusual dead flower head close, four petal flowers

They were about as tall as me, single stalks.  If anyone knows…

A study in crocus

April 15th, 2010 Comments 0

I went to a quite lovely garden a few weeks ago.  It would have been more lovely but the pointless and depressing aviary, containing far too many birds in a very small space, ruined it for me.  I mean their lives are fairly comprehensively ruined, and so I felt guilty just walking away from them.  But my presence won’t help them.  I wonder what would.

Anyway, I did enjoy photographing the crocuses, of which there were many kinds. Here is my study:

shriveled dead crocuses, purple and orange, bright green leaves


two unusual shaped purple crocus, which looks slightly dry

somehow unusual

a cluster of crocuses on sand


white and blue crocuses, with yellow middle, some dying, on sand

sad seaside

maroon crocus close up, it's whole face

robust red

delicate, almost watery crocus, large face

delicate watery

cluster of white crocuses, with grass and dead grass sweeping over one side

a scene from a movie

I am ready!

April 13th, 2010 Comments 1

IWaaaa!!! Am ready and full up of ideas, and ready to burst with them.  Mostly because I am in the middle of making a THINKING HAT, which is increasing my joy and exuberance exponentialy (word of the moment).  But you can’t see a picture of it, no, not yet, not until it is finished.  Which will be TOMORROW!!!!!!!!

Until then, I have to assert that today I have discovered that magic is real and true and alive in physical form today on this planet.  Behold the FLYING FISH, my new favourite animal, second only to flying squirrells, maybe.

Yes, yes, yes, I have so much to SHARE!

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