Button assemblage

August 31st, 2010 Comments 0

Old jewellery about to be remade to be even better:

these two bracelets are a bit too long,

breacelt blue and bracelet green

I think they go well together, will sell as a pair methinks :)

bracelet blue and bracelet green

This assemblage used to be a necklace, one of the first I made, but never wore.

blue button assemblage

That’s what I try to do when making – capture the brilliant quality buttons have when they’re just lying about nonchalantly with no ulterior purpose.  They have so much personality.

blue button bracelet assemblage

The most fun is re-arranging them.  This pattern may become a bit more solid if can capture it properly…


August 29th, 2010 Comments 2

So, I have been writing a lot more, and longer pieces.  WITH NO PHOTOS.  And I have been reprimanded for such activities.  Yes that’s right – you know who you are. 

And I have been feeling (and still do feel) motivated and angry and upset about environmental destruction.  So I will let some peace in as well, because there are plenty of other people who feel the same way that I do, who work hard to do something about it.  So I am not alone.

Here is a Peace Rose – my favourite, from my mother’s garden,

peace rose full

may it bring peace to you too!   And fulfill your need for visual stimulation.

I feel conflicted about writing about the bad things in the world as well as the good things (to oversimplify it).  It’s as if the two mustn’t co-exist. 

You know this peace rose has a deeper meaning to me, I cut it and brought it to my home away from the garden.  Cutting flowers, especially flowers I love has always felt a little bit painful to me.  I actually am quite over-sensitive about environmental destruction to the point that cutting flowers in my own garden is hard.  I brought the rose along the motorway to my new home to make me feel good.  Which it did.  But it also made me feel sad and somewhat guilty that it was rootless and dying.  So I photographed it every day to capture it – my god we humans are deluded. 

I feel amazed at the pleasure that flowers constantly give.  I know they provide plants with an evolutionary advantage in surviving by attracting more bees (another thing to feel desperate about – all the bees dying), but they are living, moving, changing works of art and their whole mode is outward, gentle, extraordinary giving.  We can learn a lot from them.

So now (in my blog) I’m going to go back in time, to spring – when I took the photos and had the thoughts, but didn’t post.

Looky LOOK!

August 27th, 2010 Comments 0

Do you remember this secret from the past?

Well, the secret has become un-secret!

it’s right here:


And that is my first Etsy listing!  Feel free to pass it on to a woman who would love it! 

fire necklace mid

All the buttons are vintage or from someone’s sewing box.
It now has an adjustable chain – not shown here

fire necklace bowl

It shines in many different ways

fire necklace light

Fire necklace final


Clothes: A New Era

August 26th, 2010 Comments 0

Dear the world.  I have decided to only buy ethical clothing from now on.

Obviously ‘we’ all know that most high street clothes are made in sweatshops, I have known for a long time, but that didn’t stop me buying there.  I guess my love of clothes made me turn half a blind eye – I somehow justified it.  Really I wasn’t looking at the reality that my consumer vote was supporting unnecessary suffering.  So I am now into fairtrade in a big way.  Surely, it’s the only way?  Fairtrade sounds very ‘do-gooderish’.  And expensive.  But these images have not put me off.

So I’m also into organic clothing, locally produced clothing and sustainable fabrics like hemp, soya, and I’d like to learn more about vegan silk – it’s a mystery to me as of yet.

For the past six months (or longer) I just haven’t bought any clothes.  I thought I might unleash a project whereby I get out the boxes of old clothes I own and revamp them to make them wearable and gorgeous again.  Sewing-machine fatigue has put a stop to that.  The best part of sewing is the cutting things off bit – I wish that were enough to make things look good :)

But… I have just discovered that online ethical clothes shops abound on the web, and I am comforted to find many passionate people already made this ethical decision, and upon finding no decent clothes to wear, made clothes and shops of their own.  I am so grateful to them!  I feel less alone and I have nice clothes!

Also, it is sale time, so I’ve just bought some lovely dresses, super cheap (£14 for one lovely designer number), and I CAN’T WAIT FOR THEM TO BE DELIVERED!!!!

I am also about to go back to mum’s house and bring many sewing projects with me (mostly taking in old jeans so they fit again – apparently it is possible but I need a mum in the room).  So, I’ll be documenting my new journey into clothing goodness.  Hurrah!  Photos again!

Also, I’ll be re-starting my styling business – which is why I’ve been looking into all of this right now.  So, once that website is up and running, I’ll provide links to all the good shops – but they’re easy enough to find :)

Hopefully more and more people will dedicate their hard earned cash to shops that have integrity – and then even more lovely clothes will become available for ME!  Although I have to say, having fewer choices makes it much easier to shop.  Analysis Paralysis can’t set in.  Anyway, goodness all around! 


August 5th, 2010 Comments 1

My new favourite movie!

My Neighbour Totoro by Studio Ghibli

It’s a perfect film, beautiful, enchanting, so wonderfully observed, the feelings are very real, the characters funny and true.  I want to exchange the whole of Disney for this one lovely children’s film.  If you know any children (or adult children), share it.

Also, it’s a work of art, each painted scene, the flowers, the skies are lovely, and quite subtle and still.  I also love Princess Mononoke, (another Studio Ghibli) which is more adult, but speaks to a part me that always wants to be spoken to when I’m watching films.

An while I’m on the subject of perfect animated films, here’s another one that features on of my very favorite songs ‘Pangur Ban’ (the cat), which I used to sing at least ten times in a row to get the full effect, it’s called: The Secret of Kells.  This one is also richly drawn, and magical. 

(So, don’t even get me started on how much I hated Mission Impossible 3.  It was a pointless, stupid, pathetic, illogical, plotless, characterless, ego-full, over-stereotyped, Bechdel-test un-passing, did I mention pointless and plotless, waste of time and money – seriously don’t even bother, I got so angry about Tom Cruise’s lack of acting ability and poor taste in general (nothing new, I know) that I had to seriously calm down before bed.  They should have written a large cheque and made some new hospitals or something, because this moronic brain-cell disappearing macho wank-fest of dumb is so poor it deserves fewer than no stars and contributes absolutely nothing to humanity.  Seriously it is number two on my worst films ever list, trumped only by Hollow Man.  Shudder.)

Right, so next time you’re looking for a lovely brilliant film to watch, I recommend the ones that are drawn!

P.s. if anyone ever wants to get me a present, can I have a large furry Totoro please?

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