Snow Bird Dancing

November 30th, 2010 Comments 0

A bit of snow lets you see all sorts of things that weren’t visible before.

Like how amazing the bird dances are (humans are so boring when they walk down the street by comparison)snow bird dancing

the rain dances too rain dancing

I am REALLY excited!!!

November 25th, 2010 Comments 3

I finally have a time and place to perform my first solo show, something I have been dreaming about for years, at least since I was 9.  It’s funny how when it becomes real it’s more… real… less of a dream.  Less awe-inspiring.  Because there’s certainly a lot of work to do (sound of sleeves being rolled up).

Most exiting are the lovely friends who have agreed to help me on this journey, and with their permission I may profile them here later on…  Hurray!!

Here are some first stages of artwork to go into the programme.  The poster will be different again… Dance Beast Voice Monster artwork first draft

I always do a first draft which I love but is not perfect, in an irreverent, unthinking messy way.  Then I try to improve on it in the second draft by planning and plotting and trying to make it ‘good’, but these things are unrepeatable and I get so frustrated with myself.  The best drawn lines are ones I look at afterwards and can’t fathom how I made it – it doesn’t look like it’s mine.  Or that they’re just random flicks of a wrist that I didn’t care about at the time but now are perfect.  Or perfectly imperfect.

Dance Beast Voice Monster artwork first draft detail

And the final version:Dance Beast Voice Monster Mooing from the Soul programme artwork

Right, now I’m off to bed, was up til 4am doing that last one…

Fashion Parade No 1

November 25th, 2010 Comments 2

OK.  Now.  remember I said I am now dedicated to ethical fashion, in particular fair trade, well, here is what the charity shops (and vintage numbers) offered up for me…

The coat.  I’ve been wearing this for a week now and it is SO WARM I am in complete smug happy land when outdoors.  It is the equivalent of wearing a furry duvet outside.  Only it doesn’t cover my knees.  But… legwarmers?

 fake fur

The check coatish thing.  I’m going to alter the fit of the shoulders.  Eventually.  The belt and tights are already mine.  The material is lovely and floppy.


This velvet jacket is special.  It’s handmade by my grandmother, and she was wearing it when she met my grandfather.  It is now officially mine!!!! Glee (also trepidation – must not ruin)

jacket jacket turn    

White shirt, vintage from my mother’s stash of old clothes from many decades.  The first white shirt I have (unofficially) owned that I actually like.  It is transparent and has tiny embroidered dots.

shirt shirt still

Vest with herringbone beading, Oxfam, thank you.  Skirt, my new favourite, same charity shop as the two coats.

skirt and vest

skirt and vest2

Oh, the shoes… well after buying three pairs of shoes second hand (unworn) from ebay that DID NOT FIT, I realised that buying shoes without trying them on is not going to work.  So my shoes are UNETHICAL birthday presents which I LOVE!!!  So, I’ll have to wait til I can find a fair trade shoe shop to visit.


me dried flowers


This last photo is kind of copying a photo from Vogue a while back, but is also due to my love of clambering over things when the mood takes me.  So there we go.


Cast photos

November 13th, 2010 Comments 2

Hello lovely cast of Cherry Orchard, (missing you), here are some blurry photos for your delectation. 

anya dunyasha chair

Lyubov gayev firs


the green spot

the row


Lopahkin Dunyasha

thoughts Petya

Mr Director


Lopahkin Dunyasha2



Varya self portrait

sleeping beauties


Hugz Teifi xxx

Word of the Moment

November 12th, 2010 Comments 0

I just found a note with two words written on it (I’m clearing my desk).  It took me a few moments to register that I have recorded some words-of-the-moment for me to re-discover.


so yes…

I am imagining that Ersatz has something to do with diamonds and dancing, and Quandary, is just, ponderous.



Birthday ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

November 12th, 2010 Comments 0

I had a birthday recently and some lovely things happened in the world of nature to make me smile…

First I woke up, looked out of the window and watched this seagull standing motionless on the smoking chimney stack.  Funny.Birthday seagull

Later on I had a delivery of one Birthday Rainbow,

birthday rainbow

with accompanied ridiculousness attached:

birthday silliness

(just imagine it was coming out of my mouth and you’ll get the picture),

then the starlings did some magic, which completely distracted me from my dinner – photos taken through restaurant window,

birthday starlings 1

birthday starlings2

birthday flocking

Then after going to the circus (ish), I saw a beautiful pale ring around the moon.  No photos – too dark, you’ll just have to imagine the feeling of wonderment I had throughout the day.  (also nice; presents, friendly messages, and threats to throw me into the sea at 6am not undertaken (the sentiment was greatly appreciated)).


November 11th, 2010 Comments 0

OMG I have so many lovely charity shop goodies that I am announcing that soon I will be showcasing them pictorially.  And thank you to the person who re-prompted me.  At least I know I have one audience member for the fashion show!  (Although I still need to sew some pieces… goddamit why am I so over-ambitious when it comes to sewing?)

beads and sparkles

The Cherry Orchard: performance stills

November 5th, 2010 Comments 0

My character – VaryaVarya look Lopahkin Tree     Varya 4 Varya at window   Varya 2Varya hand 

Photographer Guy Taylor

One every day…

November 4th, 2010 Comments 0

You get one every day of course wherever you are in the world, but is it over this wide sea?

Aber sunset

This is where Dragon’s eggs are laid, (purple ones are known for their remarkable de-grumpification properties), dragons egg

also, magic thespian pixies tend to do this when you’re not looking (and even when you are),
stone heart

the sea gives you breathing lessons,stormy sunset

sea slide curls

it’s all you ever need…

Cheese Geese

November 4th, 2010 Comments 0

Here is a story about Swans.

From our kitchen window I saw the swans sailing past out into the wide blue sea.  That was strange. 

The next day I saw the swans again, five in a row, mummy and daddy in front and behind of three grown up babies,swans sailing by

I ran out to see them and when they saw me running towards them they turned and started swimming to me,

swans swimming for breakfast

I didn’t know why they came, but I photographed them until they got bored and lined up in a row again ready to swim off, then I realised they must be hungry and I had yesterday’s sandwich in my bag, so I called them over,
Swans congregate

They didn’t need much persuading, and soon Mummy swan wanted her bread dry on the beach not wet from the saltwater,Swan brave

I kept throwing bread and more followed.Swan family big baby

Later I spoke to Dean and he told me he’d seen them swim out on a similar calm day, and go towards the rock for flying practice.  They all set off, but some of the babies were not strong enough and needed scooping up by their parents.  But it was magnificent. 

As the next day was Sunday, we went out again with our loaf of bread as soon as we saw them from the window,Swan in surf

 Swans in light

This time I fed them from my hand.  One rather misguided woman on the beach was trying to stroke them.  Sadly no success there.  Daddy swan made a strange growling in his throat any time anyone came too close.  Other than with food of course.grey swan camouflage

We were worried we’d interrupted their flying practice, so we left them.swan off

Finally back up in the kitchen, we watched through the window – the beach cleared and the swans lined up… and took off.  I watched them all do their flying practice in little stages, Mummy only flew a few yards, skimming the surface,  and landed so they wouldn’t get tired, but the cygnets were getting adventurous.

A few days later, Dean told me he had watched them all fly over the roof of our house – proper flying.  They’d all passed their test.

Makes a feeling like – Llkdjhrjhflehfkjrh – I can’t descibe.

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