Winter Fairtrade Fashion: white ruffles

December 9th, 2010 Comments 0

sitting in the sunset

Sitting in the light of the sunset after frolicking outside to showcase more of my ethical clothing findings, this time the white ruffle shirt dress is NEW from People Tree (fairtrade dedicated shop) designed by Richard Nichol.  The belt is from a pile of old things in the house. 

Here’s the frolicking around bit:white ruffles by tree

The coat is from a charity shop and the hat is a present from a vintage collector friend.

climbing tree

I recommend tree climbing for health and happiness

white dress dancing 

There are baby stripy cows in this magical nook,four stripy cows

with furry faces, looking cuddleable

stripy cows

this is me running away when I realised they weren’t cows but bullocks, and when Puffalicious started making mooing noises to attract them over,

running away from bulls

white pom pom plant

so there you have it!

Icy canal part 2

December 8th, 2010 Comments 0

So, after I visited the geese we walked along the frozen canal, frozen canal trees

the ice had cracked, shifted and then refrozen, making wonderful patterns all along the canal – it’s amazing to see how ice naturally breaks – in geometric shapes like a Kandinsky, and then in beautiful sweeping curves and arcs,

ice patterns 7

ice patterns 4    ice patterns 5    ice patterns 6

The wet weather made these twigs look like a rainforest, some sides were wet and black, some were dry and pale green, with every shade in between,

 rainforest twigs

It’s always nice to finish with a rusty fence and some moss – my favourite thing

moss rusty fence

beauty EVERYWHERE!!!

Fashion Parade no 2

December 7th, 2010 Comments 0

Continuing my ethical fashion parade! 
I bought the ridiculous blue housecoat thing in a charity shop, mostly for the fabric to turn into a dress.  The hat is also from a charity shop.  The velvet ribbon I found in my boyfriends flat (and have worn nearly every day since).  The furry black jumper I found in a bin bag in the garage, the blue t-shirt (underneath) is a fairtrade gift from a friend, the socks I plundered from the parental sock drawer (thank you!).  

 blue outfit me blue outfit 3blue outfit 1 

The necklace I MADE IT!!!!! From vintage buttons (but unvintage wire – will have to work on that but at least it’s not plastic), 

red necklace 

and this most marvellous venetian glass curtain tassel from the 1920’s, from an antique shop in Haverfordwest.  It has copper leaves and the most amazing colours. 

venetian glass tassle

blue outfit close

It’s fun getting all dressed up!  I highly recommend it.

Photos by the inimitable Puffalicious

Quote of the Day

December 7th, 2010 Comments 0


I’ve just started reading How to be Free by Tom Hodgekinson which is about anarchy, and living a life of idle, beautiful merriment.  It’s been giving me a spring in my step. 

“Career is just posh slavery.  Career is an institutionalized putting-off, a paradise deferred”

That’s how I’ve been feeling this year – that I’ve been putting off feeling like I’ve arrived, paradise deferred.  His point is not to strive for some Puritan ideal of self-betterment, but to just keep on engaging in something that brings you joy.  Basically there is no ‘there’ to arrive at, you can just do the thing you love and be happy.  Sod the ‘career’.

Geese on the Ice

December 6th, 2010 Comments 3

An icy walk along the canal yesterday brought a meeting with some geese.  I tried to creep along to get close enough to say hello, and they didn’t seem to mind me too much…geese

then a dog came a-woofing along and they all flew awayflying geese 

they skidded onto the frozen canal where their feet must’ve been colder,skidding geese

turned around to say “OI!”

flapping geese

and then stood around looking a bit disgruntled.  They were standing on one leg and kept changing feet – it must’ve been seriously cold standing naked on the ice, so we left them alone to find warmer climes.

Geese standing

But it was so lovely to see them!  Hurrah for wildlife on your doorstep! 

A sneak peek!

December 4th, 2010 Comments 3

red button necklace sneak peek

I’ve been making some jewellery after being given some new vintage buttons.  This is the first one.  Will be finished soon.  I’m dreaming in buttons at the moment.  I have to stop myself from spending hours arranging and rearranging buttons into different piles.  It’s the best part!


December 1st, 2010 Comments 0

Clearing out everything, finding things I’d forgotten about,beads

It’s so pretty broken, I might not mend it.  The feeling of beads falling off string is like the feeling of losing control.

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