Childish things

February 26th, 2011 Comments 2

I was feeling all rubbish after writing seventeen million spreadsheets this week, and so I decided to make a den in which to eat the chocolate banana and peanut butter cake Puffalicious was making.

Then I realised something odd.  Obviously I loved making dens when I was little, but secretly I had an adult envy of other people who spontaneously made dens (with their boyfriends and best friends) and had ‘super crazy fun’ inside because they were so randomly adventurous and carefree.  And then they left the den there all week and always ate breakfast in there.

And for some reason, I haven’t made a den for ages.  It’s almost as if my envy of people who spontaneously make dens has stopped me from making dens.

So today, I spontaneously made a den, when I was feeling rubbish.  And then ate some chocolate cake and danced around the kitchen to Floyd Cramer “On the Rebound”.  Wow, I must be so randomly adventurous and CAREFREE!!!!!!!

And then I thought, what about all the other people who aren’t making dens, and all the other fun things we used to do as children that we just don’t do anymore.  And I decided to make a list of things I have to start doing again.  You can make it your list too!  You can tick them off when you’ve done them to satisfy your adult list-making and task-completion desires.

1. Make a den
2. Make cardboard wings (colour them in), put them on, then try to fly by jumping off the arm of the sofa
3. Make a huge pile of pillows at the bottom of the stairs, then sit on a mattress with six other people and ride down the stairs into the pile
4. Make a play in the afternoon and then show your friends later on in the living room
5. Play animals (everyone choose an animal to be)
6. Make a huge mess
7. Mud wrestling
8. Get chocolates, melt them all together, then add other things in, then eat them all
9. Make magic potions out of flowers and all the nice shampoos in the bathroom
10. Tell stories at the bottom of the garden, just in case there are fairies there listening

Until then, here was my late night den fun:

Getting in and out of the den was reminiscent of other early life experiences…

den legs den birth

Getting Puffalicious into the den took quite a lot of cajoling, but he eventually caterpillarred his way in even though the tunnel was too narrow for his shoulders,  (those are his pink socks)

den feet


inside the den

den smile

Yes, you see, a lovely form of medicine with fewer negative side effects (floor splinters notwithstanding).  Highly recommended.

I Did It!!!

February 26th, 2011 Comments 0

Dragon Head

I performed my first ever solo show on Thursday and it didn’t all end in disaster!

Well, more accurately, we did it!  I had so much help from two people in particular, that it was in no way a solo effort.

I am going to write a series of How-To posts based on my experiences.  I already started the first one mid-rehearsals, and the rest will be written with the wonderful benefit of hindsight, knowledge, wisdom, understanding and a warm glowy feeling of having completed Something Big.

So, off I go now with my warm glowy insides and on to the next thing!   

Dragon eating head


February 7th, 2011 Comments 1

finished invite

You may have received one of these in the post this morning, if so, welcome and thanks for visiting this site – you are on a top secret list of VIPs and it’s highly likely that you have the keys to making my career sky-rocket into space.

My show is happening on Thursday 17th February in Aberystwyth.

If you can’t make it this time, I will keep you informed about future dates.

If you haven’t received an invite, yet you know you are a Very Important Someone, this is an invitation to your lovely self as well.

For everybody else, I’d love to see you there too!


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