Yellow fungus friend

September 24th, 2011 Comments 0

The moors near here sometimes encourage incredible fungal growths on the trees.  I hope the trees are ok, but in the meantime, I missed an opportunity last year to photograph some enormous bright orange ones, so when I saw these small yellow ones (small compared to the previous year’s ones) I jumped at the chance.

yellow fungus friend

They seemed to have a velvety-waxy texture although I didn’t check to find out.yellow fungus close

They remind me of a terrifying episode of Round the Twist where giant fungus grew in the forest and exploded slime over everyone.  I think I had nightmares about that as a child.  (2.03 on this vid for an image of the exploded ‘Yuckles’)

yellow fungus on tree

Somehow though, these ones are friendly.

August Day for you

September 21st, 2011 Comments 0

A wonderful day in August, just when I needed a break.  I had been working too hard, and neglecting to breathe, sleep and have relationships with the people around me.  This turned out to be a perfect day.  Walking, talking, exploring.

Beach with magic island,

1 beach trees

Welsh waters,

2 sea

a broken heart, although in reality it was very much a heart healing sort of day,

3 broken heart stone


4 caterpillar

hundreds of apples ripening,

5 apples


6 forest

In the middle of our walk we came across a Mediaeval jousting tournament festival, with mock hangings and dressing up.  Not what I was expecting.  Festival season is wonderful.

Viaduct for trains,

7 viaduct

At the end of the walk, sat eating an ice cream, a plane flew low overhead,

8 aeroplane

I tried to capture the plane with the ice cream in the same frame, but my camera was too slow (bloody digital technology),  you can just see the plane disappearing behind the trees.

9 ice cream

It was strawberries and cream.

Red flowers and berries,91 red plants

Where in the world could all of these lovely things live together? 

Facepainting Summer 2011

September 19th, 2011 Comments 4

I’ve been learning to face paint over the past couple of years (very slowly) and this summer I started earning proper money from it.  Here’s what I’ve managed to paint. 

Butterflies:Blue Bow Butterfly small

Butterfly Love Hearts smallButterfly Pink smallButterfly red smallButterfly Turquoise smallButterfly1 small

Some One Direction fans wanted carrots and turtles (and a shamrock not pictured). 

Carrots Turtle small

Other pretty things:

Mermaid small

Pink Flower Princess small

rose arm purple small

Big Cats, small cats and a Parrot:

Brown Pink Cat 2 smallBrown Pink Cat small

Cheetah smallTiger girl smallFunTiger small

Snow Tiger smallParrot small


Godzilla small

skull smallT Rex small


Teifi painting small

It’s very pleasing to practice something and watch yourself improve.  When I started, the brushstrokes felt impossible, then there comes the magic moment where you realize you can do it – the point where the muscles in your hand understand what’s going on.  Face painting is completely different to ordinary painting because the surface is rounded and with crevices, each face is completely different and what’s more, many children move the whole time.  The challenge for me now is to speed up, when I can do a face in 5 minutes I’ll be happy.

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