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After a long time hibernating in a big pile of theatrical straw, WiLD has awoken, yawned and stretched, to find not one, but three theatres opening their doors for performances this coming October:

The tour:
Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff
Thurs – Sat, 4th, 5th, 6th October, 8pm

Richard Whiteley Theatre, Giggleswick
Friday 12th October, 7.30pm

Old Joint Stock Theatre, Birmingham
Friday 27th, 7.30pm
Saturday 28th, 2pm Matinee & 7.30pm
Workshop: “Be Wild” on Thursday 26th at 6pm

Book your tickets now!

There will be more venues added to the list for March 2013, so watch this space.
I thought you might like to see how I enticed these venues to book the show:

I personalised each video, so every venue programmer (hello if you’re reading!) got addressed by name in their video. Editing it was… interesting! There are nearly 100 versions. This one here is the generic one.

And here are some behind the scenes shots:

puppet filming 01

I had a laptop at my feet  so I could watch takes.   After hours of filming I really got to know how to bring Max to life – I learnt the right hand positions, how to make him smile in different ways, how to make him look directly in the camera (which took a bit of getting used to).

puppet filming 02

I started off filming with an ordinary digital stills camera, but the frame rate is much too low for a puppet that moves so quickly, so it has to be a proper camera or nothing, otherwise Max looked really jerky – there aren’t enough frames per second to capture his fast movements. I’m still learning about film, so I find these things really interesting.

puppet filming 03

The good thing about filming with Max is I don’t have to do my hair, or even get out of my pajamas!

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