Here’s some I made earlier

September 13th, 2012 Comments 0

Earlier this summer Rob and I took some photos to use for publicity for WiLD related things, workshops and more.  We had a fun day, here is what we made:

These two are just for fun:

White Roll SquareDandylion Eye

The following photos I was aiming for something slightly blurry with movement and colour like a carnival.  I put on every fringed item of clothing I own, and spent a long time leaping around.  It was hard to get the effect:

Emerald Leap 01

Emerald Leap 04

Emerald Leap 07

Here I am as a fringed monolith:

The Monolith

Here’s the one that works – Teifi as flying Kraken:

Flying Kraken

Then we went into the woods which created a lighting style directly transported from the 1970s:

Grove 01

Grove 04

The one I like:

Magic Fingers untweaked

Finally we took some pictures with Max:

Max and me 04

Max and me 01

A fun day with useful results!

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