How to make a diary

January 30th, 2013 Comments 0

I promise this was mostly not a procrastination activity.  Oxfam usually sell the diaries I like:  month to view, small pages, thick card, Sundays the same size as all the other days.  This year they have STOPPED.  So I decided to make one myself.

Step one: make a document with your calendar in it, print all pages and crop.

diary 05

Fold pages carefully.  At this point I realised I had laid it out all wrong.  Half of January should have been December, every month should be split, and then I could have stapled the whole thing.  Instead I decided I would have to sew it together.

Gather pages carefully; I have now added an oscillating page aligner to my imaginary birthday list – I’m sure one exists.

diary 04


diary 01

Sew into the spine of each page and then up and over the top of it, them cross from one page to the next.  I wish I hadn’t folded the pages so sharply, it was much harder to get the needle into the right place. diary 03diary 02

Re-clamp and repeat at the other end, and again in the middle.

diary 06

Attach a ribbon onto the back page.

diary 07

Glue or tape the spines, and the first and last pages, to the cover.  I didn’t glue the spines at first and all the middle pages were moving about.diary 09

Et voila!

diary 08

(Harry Potter says “Expecto Patronus” and my diary appears.  It’s magic.)


January 23rd, 2013 Comments 1

I’ve been nominated for an award – “Best Female Performance in English” – for WiLD!

The Shortlist

In my category are the very fine and talented Helen Griffin, Sharon Morgan, Lisa Palfrey, and Mairi Phillips.  And me!

When I first found out I couldn’t sleep because I was smiling too much.

cat and bird

Happy New Year everyone!

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