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A picture of meI am an actress and theatre practitioner, singer, and artist.  I also love dancing and movement, clothes and style, nature, cats, making things, fancy dress parties, green vegetables and ginger.

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About this Blog
This blog began when I needed a new creative project, and a way to connect to and honour the cycles of nature. I made a small mandala to celebrate the summer solstice in 2009 and decided to carry on making more and share them online, as I have found that the best way to create is to have an audience (real or imaginary).

I am filled with joy at the beauty all around us, both in nature and in the strange ugly things humans have made.  I also love creating meaningful, silly, or fantastical rituals – theatre on a different scale, where I am the performer, director and the audience.

Since starting this blog I have started documenting the things I see, as well as the things I make.rosemay07 045

In this blog I am also celebrating the messy, imperfect, unfinished, and impermanent.  I don’t discriminate between things I make that I think are good, and things that might be ‘bad’.  To me, these judgements are misplaced, I see my artwork as creative actions that support my whole self – psyche, body,-  to fulfill my needs and desires in the moment.  Also, they’re just fun.

About my Performance Work
I see my performance work in a different light – it is more about connecting with other people, being a part of a story that is bigger than me, and sharing something that will change us all (oh yes, and shiny dresses).

Finally I am inspired to be a living artist, where every moment is bordering on the extraordinary, just because I am living it.  Where I can practise random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty.

flying dress

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