Winter Fairtrade Fashion: white ruffles

December 9th, 2010 Comments 0

sitting in the sunset

Sitting in the light of the sunset after frolicking outside to showcase more of my ethical clothing findings, this time the white ruffle shirt dress is NEW from People Tree (fairtrade dedicated shop) designed by Richard Nichol.  The belt is from a pile of old things in the house. 

Here’s the frolicking around bit:white ruffles by tree

The coat is from a charity shop and the hat is a present from a vintage collector friend.

climbing tree

I recommend tree climbing for health and happiness

white dress dancing 

There are baby stripy cows in this magical nook,four stripy cows

with furry faces, looking cuddleable

stripy cows

this is me running away when I realised they weren’t cows but bullocks, and when Puffalicious started making mooing noises to attract them over,

running away from bulls

white pom pom plant

so there you have it!

Fashion Parade no 2

December 7th, 2010 Comments 0

Continuing my ethical fashion parade! 
I bought the ridiculous blue housecoat thing in a charity shop, mostly for the fabric to turn into a dress.  The hat is also from a charity shop.  The velvet ribbon I found in my boyfriends flat (and have worn nearly every day since).  The furry black jumper I found in a bin bag in the garage, the blue t-shirt (underneath) is a fairtrade gift from a friend, the socks I plundered from the parental sock drawer (thank you!).  

 blue outfit me blue outfit 3blue outfit 1 

The necklace I MADE IT!!!!! From vintage buttons (but unvintage wire – will have to work on that but at least it’s not plastic), 

red necklace 

and this most marvellous venetian glass curtain tassel from the 1920’s, from an antique shop in Haverfordwest.  It has copper leaves and the most amazing colours. 

venetian glass tassle

blue outfit close

It’s fun getting all dressed up!  I highly recommend it.

Photos by the inimitable Puffalicious

Fashion Parade No 1

November 25th, 2010 Comments 2

OK.  Now.  remember I said I am now dedicated to ethical fashion, in particular fair trade, well, here is what the charity shops (and vintage numbers) offered up for me…

The coat.  I’ve been wearing this for a week now and it is SO WARM I am in complete smug happy land when outdoors.  It is the equivalent of wearing a furry duvet outside.  Only it doesn’t cover my knees.  But… legwarmers?

 fake fur

The check coatish thing.  I’m going to alter the fit of the shoulders.  Eventually.  The belt and tights are already mine.  The material is lovely and floppy.


This velvet jacket is special.  It’s handmade by my grandmother, and she was wearing it when she met my grandfather.  It is now officially mine!!!! Glee (also trepidation – must not ruin)

jacket jacket turn    

White shirt, vintage from my mother’s stash of old clothes from many decades.  The first white shirt I have (unofficially) owned that I actually like.  It is transparent and has tiny embroidered dots.

shirt shirt still

Vest with herringbone beading, Oxfam, thank you.  Skirt, my new favourite, same charity shop as the two coats.

skirt and vest

skirt and vest2

Oh, the shoes… well after buying three pairs of shoes second hand (unworn) from ebay that DID NOT FIT, I realised that buying shoes without trying them on is not going to work.  So my shoes are UNETHICAL birthday presents which I LOVE!!!  So, I’ll have to wait til I can find a fair trade shoe shop to visit.


me dried flowers


This last photo is kind of copying a photo from Vogue a while back, but is also due to my love of clambering over things when the mood takes me.  So there we go.


Clothes: A New Era

August 26th, 2010 Comments 0

Dear the world.  I have decided to only buy ethical clothing from now on.

Obviously ‘we’ all know that most high street clothes are made in sweatshops, I have known for a long time, but that didn’t stop me buying there.  I guess my love of clothes made me turn half a blind eye – I somehow justified it.  Really I wasn’t looking at the reality that my consumer vote was supporting unnecessary suffering.  So I am now into fairtrade in a big way.  Surely, it’s the only way?  Fairtrade sounds very ‘do-gooderish’.  And expensive.  But these images have not put me off.

So I’m also into organic clothing, locally produced clothing and sustainable fabrics like hemp, soya, and I’d like to learn more about vegan silk – it’s a mystery to me as of yet.

For the past six months (or longer) I just haven’t bought any clothes.  I thought I might unleash a project whereby I get out the boxes of old clothes I own and revamp them to make them wearable and gorgeous again.  Sewing-machine fatigue has put a stop to that.  The best part of sewing is the cutting things off bit – I wish that were enough to make things look good :)

But… I have just discovered that online ethical clothes shops abound on the web, and I am comforted to find many passionate people already made this ethical decision, and upon finding no decent clothes to wear, made clothes and shops of their own.  I am so grateful to them!  I feel less alone and I have nice clothes!

Also, it is sale time, so I’ve just bought some lovely dresses, super cheap (£14 for one lovely designer number), and I CAN’T WAIT FOR THEM TO BE DELIVERED!!!!

I am also about to go back to mum’s house and bring many sewing projects with me (mostly taking in old jeans so they fit again – apparently it is possible but I need a mum in the room).  So, I’ll be documenting my new journey into clothing goodness.  Hurrah!  Photos again!

Also, I’ll be re-starting my styling business – which is why I’ve been looking into all of this right now.  So, once that website is up and running, I’ll provide links to all the good shops – but they’re easy enough to find :)

Hopefully more and more people will dedicate their hard earned cash to shops that have integrity – and then even more lovely clothes will become available for ME!  Although I have to say, having fewer choices makes it much easier to shop.  Analysis Paralysis can’t set in.  Anyway, goodness all around! 

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