WiLD – Introducing: Rob Fisher

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Interview number two is with WiLD Co-Director and Sound Designer Rob Fisher.  Rob is fairly integral to the play, in fact I couldn’t really do this without him.  He is constantly interfering with my brilliant ideas, telling me they’re not good enough, and pushing the play to be better.  Honestly.

Here he is with an impressive natural quiff:


This sound clip is the comedy fanfare we used last time.  It’s so ridiculous and over long, during the performance last February I stopped the action and eyeballed the sound booth until it was over.  It won’t make the cut this time around, but the silliness of it definitely sums Rob up.


The Interview:
What is your favourite game?
I love many games of many types – wide games, video games and particularly board and card games. I’ve even invented and published my own board game Monkey Dash (see www.MonkeyDash.co.uk for details!)

I have a particular soft spot for Carcassonne (http://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/822/carcassonne) because it is quick to learn, simple to play, promotes competition and collaboration, and has a huge number of variations and expansions.
Rob playing a game

Rob playing games

Where would you most like to travel?
I would like to visit somewhere truly remote once in my life, to get a sense of what the Earth would be like without the interference of humankind.

What would your perfect Sunday be like?
48 hours long, with much eating, joking, singing, dancing, walking, and playing of games.

Favourite dancing music?
Every now and again a dance tune comes along that gets everything just right… Bodyrox – Yeah Yeah, and Mason vs Princess Superstar – Perfect Exceeder are two that spring to mind.

Fancy dress costume of choice?
Pirate. Or ebola virus.

If you were a super hero, what would your power be?
I have a mischievous character, so the ability to shapeshift – to take on the appearance of any other person at will would be a lot of fun.

What is your secret dream?
I can’t tell you – it is a secret.

Why choose to work in theatre?
I like to tell stories and, moreover, to find the most effective way to tell a story: which choice of words give the biggest pay-off? Which parts are unnecessary and can be pared away? Which are the details that make the story unique or personal?

What were you like as a child?
Less hairy and considerably shorter.

What are you most excited about for WiLD?
My biggest hope is that the show will find an appreciative audience. There is so much brilliant invention in the performance; I know it will truly entertain the Chapter audience.

Thanks Rob!

Introducing: Sarah Jane!

December 13th, 2011 Comments 0

Here’s the first in a series of introductions of members of the WiLD team.

Sarah Jane is doing the marketing for the show, and I am so pleased to have her on board.  She’s the perfect mixture of getting things done, gently nagging me to get things done, and infectious enthusiasm for the project.

I fashioned a questionnaire for her, which will help us learn more about the important things.
But first, Sarah as warrior knight: Sarah Jane Child r

What is your favourite game?
My favourite game is snap because it is really easy to play so everyone can get involved, but it’s really exciting and loud! There is a lot of tension built up over the game and it can get quite heated.

Where would you most like to travel?
To Australia to see one of my best friends Lucie, as she now lives over there and I miss her.
What would your perfect Sunday be like?
I lie in until lunch time in my cosy bed with a cup of tea, then go out to a pub for a huge Sunday roast with friends and stay there all afternoon and probably into the evening . . . and then wander home and watch a film on TV and then head to bed.
Favourite dancing music?
This is quite embarrassing but I’m a bit of a pop princess when I feel like dancing. When I was younger I loved the Spice Girls, Steps and other 90s pop bands. Now I’m a big fan of Lady Gaga, Madonna, Katy Perry, Rihanna and so on . . . 
(no need to be embarrassed, Beyoncé is my dancing hero, but also Britney when I need extra cheese.)
Fancy dress costume of choice?
This question is really difficult as I love dressing up, I actually still have a dressing up box full of costumes! Hmmm I think its probably a pussy cat, although dressing up as Johnny Cash for Halloween was very entertaining.
If you could invent a new ice cream flavour what would it be?
Dark chocolate and Turkish delight . . . yummmm. 
(Oooh! Yes please!)

What are you afraid of?
Spiders and I hate being afraid of them because I know there really isn’t any logical reason for me to be and I keep trying to conquer my fear but with no luck as yet. I am also afraid of driving because I don’t want to hurt anyone and it scares me a little bit.
What makes you happy?
My friends and family. Creativity, I love going to art galleries, the cinema, the theatre and museums but also being creative myself. Being silly and messing about!
What are you most excited about for WiLD?
I’m really excited about actually getting to watch the show, I’ve heard so much about it from Teifi and I just really want to see the finished product.
If you were a super hero, what would your power be?
To be able to pause time, I’d get so much more done!!!!

Thanks Sarah, and here she is today:

Sarah Jane Adult r
You can visit her website www.sarahjaneleigh.co.uk and Twitter @defythestars87

Speaking of which, WiLD has a new Twitter account @ActsofBeauty, Facebook page, plus a National Theatre of Wales group.  Sarah and I will both be writing there and signing off with our initials (SJL and TE).  Come and be a WiLD cheerleader!

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