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My new favourite movie!

My Neighbour Totoro by Studio Ghibli

It’s a perfect film, beautiful, enchanting, so wonderfully observed, the feelings are very real, the characters funny and true.  I want to exchange the whole of Disney for this one lovely children’s film.  If you know any children (or adult children), share it.

Also, it’s a work of art, each painted scene, the flowers, the skies are lovely, and quite subtle and still.  I also love Princess Mononoke, (another Studio Ghibli) which is more adult, but speaks to a part me that always wants to be spoken to when I’m watching films.

An while I’m on the subject of perfect animated films, here’s another one that features on of my very favorite songs ‘Pangur Ban’ (the cat), which I used to sing at least ten times in a row to get the full effect, it’s called: The Secret of Kells.  This one is also richly drawn, and magical. 

(So, don’t even get me started on how much I hated Mission Impossible 3.  It was a pointless, stupid, pathetic, illogical, plotless, characterless, ego-full, over-stereotyped, Bechdel-test un-passing, did I mention pointless and plotless, waste of time and money – seriously don’t even bother, I got so angry about Tom Cruise’s lack of acting ability and poor taste in general (nothing new, I know) that I had to seriously calm down before bed.  They should have written a large cheque and made some new hospitals or something, because this moronic brain-cell disappearing macho wank-fest of dumb is so poor it deserves fewer than no stars and contributes absolutely nothing to humanity.  Seriously it is number two on my worst films ever list, trumped only by Hollow Man.  Shudder.)

Right, so next time you’re looking for a lovely brilliant film to watch, I recommend the ones that are drawn!

P.s. if anyone ever wants to get me a present, can I have a large furry Totoro please?

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