Button assemblage

August 31st, 2010 Comments 0

Old jewellery about to be remade to be even better:

these two bracelets are a bit too long,

breacelt blue and bracelet green

I think they go well together, will sell as a pair methinks :)

bracelet blue and bracelet green

This assemblage used to be a necklace, one of the first I made, but never wore.

blue button assemblage

That’s what I try to do when making – capture the brilliant quality buttons have when they’re just lying about nonchalantly with no ulterior purpose.  They have so much personality.

blue button bracelet assemblage

The most fun is re-arranging them.  This pattern may become a bit more solid if can capture it properly…

Looky LOOK!

August 27th, 2010 Comments 0

Do you remember this secret from the past?

Well, the secret has become un-secret!

it’s right here:


And that is my first Etsy listing!  Feel free to pass it on to a woman who would love it! 

fire necklace mid

All the buttons are vintage or from someone’s sewing box.
It now has an adjustable chain – not shown here

fire necklace bowl

It shines in many different ways

fire necklace light

Fire necklace final


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