Forwards and backwards

January 22nd, 2012 Comments 4


Last night would have been the closing night of WiLD at Chapter.  I’m not sad anymore, as I’ve had plenty of time to think and make new plans.  I’m actually really excited about this coming year.


When someone you love gets ill it definitely puts things into perspective.  Rob, my partner (in life, crime and theatre-making) was the team member who spent the New Year in hospital.  He is getting better, and we’re all in fine spirits.  Thanks to everyone who has offered their support during this time.  I sincerely wish you good health in 2012! 


January is a wonderful month!  I focus so strongly on re-aligning the tracks of my life, it feels like there’s an abundance of positivity and motivation to live well.  I’ve done more yoga in the past fortnight than I have in months.  The question is how long will it last?  I’ve given up writing resolutions, instead I’m making goals and then scheduling them.  Sometimes I wish we could have another January sooner than 2013, to stop the inexorable drift of good intentions.  Maybe one in May and one after August?  As it is I need to charge up a whole year’s worth of motivation right now to keep me going.  I might add a pretend January into my schedule.


Looking back, since starting working on this play in October 2010 I have gained more skills than I thought imaginable.  The habit of Getting-Things-Done is the best of them.  I wasn’t setting out to learn anything, I just wanted to make and perform a one-woman show (just!)  Nevertheless the learning kept coming.  Here is a list of what I learned last year making WiLD (since the end of the Aberystwyth performance):

How to video edit
How to use graphic design software
How to make a website (using Xara)
How to make and use my own font
How to scale down ambition when necessary
Knowing when to scale down ambition (having run out of time was the main reason)
How to set up a fundraising campaign
How to go busking for the first time despite The Fear
How to book a theatre tour (still have a lot more to learn!)
How to recruit a team and interview people
How to (successfully) apply for Arts Council funding
How to overcome my nerves about making important phone calls
How to be an employer
How to write contracts
How to draw animation storyboards and make an animatic
How to Get Things Done
and finally
How to re-make plans when they fall apart

That’s probably enough for now although there are many things in that list only half-learned and many more not on the list.  It has been an epic year, not what I expected at all and I feel good.  So onwards to those re-made plans (news of which to follow)!

Happy New Year!

two seagulls

Birthday ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

November 12th, 2010 Comments 0

I had a birthday recently and some lovely things happened in the world of nature to make me smile…

First I woke up, looked out of the window and watched this seagull standing motionless on the smoking chimney stack.  Funny.Birthday seagull

Later on I had a delivery of one Birthday Rainbow,

birthday rainbow

with accompanied ridiculousness attached:

birthday silliness

(just imagine it was coming out of my mouth and you’ll get the picture),

then the starlings did some magic, which completely distracted me from my dinner – photos taken through restaurant window,

birthday starlings 1

birthday starlings2

birthday flocking

Then after going to the circus (ish), I saw a beautiful pale ring around the moon.  No photos – too dark, you’ll just have to imagine the feeling of wonderment I had throughout the day.  (also nice; presents, friendly messages, and threats to throw me into the sea at 6am not undertaken (the sentiment was greatly appreciated)).

One every day…

November 4th, 2010 Comments 0

You get one every day of course wherever you are in the world, but is it over this wide sea?

Aber sunset

This is where Dragon’s eggs are laid, (purple ones are known for their remarkable de-grumpification properties), dragons egg

also, magic thespian pixies tend to do this when you’re not looking (and even when you are),
stone heart

the sea gives you breathing lessons,stormy sunset

sea slide curls

it’s all you ever need…

Cheese Geese

November 4th, 2010 Comments 0

Here is a story about Swans.

From our kitchen window I saw the swans sailing past out into the wide blue sea.  That was strange. 

The next day I saw the swans again, five in a row, mummy and daddy in front and behind of three grown up babies,swans sailing by

I ran out to see them and when they saw me running towards them they turned and started swimming to me,

swans swimming for breakfast

I didn’t know why they came, but I photographed them until they got bored and lined up in a row again ready to swim off, then I realised they must be hungry and I had yesterday’s sandwich in my bag, so I called them over,
Swans congregate

They didn’t need much persuading, and soon Mummy swan wanted her bread dry on the beach not wet from the saltwater,Swan brave

I kept throwing bread and more followed.Swan family big baby

Later I spoke to Dean and he told me he’d seen them swim out on a similar calm day, and go towards the rock for flying practice.  They all set off, but some of the babies were not strong enough and needed scooping up by their parents.  But it was magnificent. 

As the next day was Sunday, we went out again with our loaf of bread as soon as we saw them from the window,Swan in surf

 Swans in light

This time I fed them from my hand.  One rather misguided woman on the beach was trying to stroke them.  Sadly no success there.  Daddy swan made a strange growling in his throat any time anyone came too close.  Other than with food of course.grey swan camouflage

We were worried we’d interrupted their flying practice, so we left them.swan off

Finally back up in the kitchen, we watched through the window – the beach cleared and the swans lined up… and took off.  I watched them all do their flying practice in little stages, Mummy only flew a few yards, skimming the surface,  and landed so they wouldn’t get tired, but the cygnets were getting adventurous.

A few days later, Dean told me he had watched them all fly over the roof of our house – proper flying.  They’d all passed their test.

Makes a feeling like – Llkdjhrjhflehfkjrh – I can’t descibe.

Cherry tree sunset

September 12th, 2010 Comments 0

The colours of your heart – in one direction, golden peach, blue and lilac, in another pink and spring green,

cherry tree sunsetcherry tree pom poms

cherry tree sunset clouds cherry blossom carpet cherry tree cunset clouds 2 cherry tree fluff   cherry tree sunset big cloud

in an ordinary town, on an ordinary day.

Journey Easter 2010

May 16th, 2010 Comments 0

A journey towards easter egg hunts, journey through stormy sunset,

 car sun tree

weather in Wales is anything but ordinary,swirled tree, sunset, colours, clouds

a sympathy with the surreal

Look! Look! Look!

March 8th, 2010 Comments 0

I was inside and I got an emergency call to come outside and see the bright flaming sunset that was happening Now.

fiery gorgeous sunset, trees

It stretched up and up -

fiery sunset, scudding the clouds reaching all the way up above

I like being with people who know what is important.

The Sun!

February 19th, 2010 Comments 0

Another early morning, this time for an audition, brought me this sunrise, and a mad dash for my camera before the train.

First you can see a seagull flying over from the island to the mainland, they go back to the island at dusk.

pink coral b;ue sunrise, trees, seagull flying

Then moments later, The Sun! The Sun!

pink, coral orange, blue, white sunrise, glowing sun at the edge of the water, black trees

Bravo! More! More!

pale wonder

February 5th, 2010 Comments 0

Sometimes a more subtle view is more affecting…

sunrise, black silhouetted trees, bowl shape, blue and coral sky, pale, gentle


January 20th, 2010 Comments 0

More sky theatre…

I like the ideas of collecting sunsets.  How many sunsets will you see in your life?

pink, peach and blue sunset

and some grass,

green grass, trees, pink peach and blue sunsetevery day needs natural wonders.

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