Dance Beast Voice Monster

"We were spellbound"
"It made me laugh and cry at the same time. Frighteningly honest"
“A work of minor genius”
"I loved the humour and flow between scenes and the imagination
and creativity"

Audience Feedback 17.2.11

Dance Beast Final 6MG Small

My first solo theatre piece – Dance Beast, Voice Monster, Mooing from the Soul

Dance Beast, Voice Monster – Mooing from the Soul. "What inside us is truly wild?" Inside everyone is a monster that wants to come out to play… A one-woman show using physical theatre, song, dance, strange hats and outlandish costumes. There are moments when we are too embarrassed to move. Moments when we are too terrified to speak. Sometimes we just want to hide in bed forever… … Then just sometimes we let the beasts within us take over. And we begin to do things we've always longed to do… Join this magical, funny, one-of-a-kind journey, meet the duvet monster, the fantabulous diva beast, and other friends. Bring your silly hats - prize for the best one! Despite appearances, this is proper grown-up adult theatre for adults. Mostly.”

Dance Beast Voice Monster has been developed and is now called WiLD, to find out more and for future performance dates visit the WiLD website

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